Battle Beans! New Mobile Game in Development….

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An exciting new project is being unveiled, and you reader have first glance at it!  I, Ethan Wenberg, have been shut off in a cave for months in the desert delving into the exciting brave new world of game development. With a beard growing and eyesight becoming narrower by the minute, I welded with toil and typing to create a game about competitive food.

Heck, it was fairly easy with the game development program called Construct 2! It’s also a free download. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Ow! Tastes like ones and zeroes!

Behold! It’s the Battle Beans! The upcoming mobile game from Strange Child.  It’s not mobile yet, but if you have free time and if you got game, bust out your computer keyboard and give this fresh new demo a whack!  You can play it at:


Upcoming Digital Comic Books From Strange Child Comics

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New online catalog for upcoming digital titles from Strange Child Comics inc:


Four gregarious grubbies name Syd, Oswald, Mort, and Maharishi live under the earth in a kingdom full of unusual creatures. The restlessness of their surroundings has them looking for greener pastures. Upon receiving strange television transmissions from the world above, the gang opts for a vacation in the land of the humans. Soon this bold new world proves to be a culture shock out of their control as they find the humans to tower over them like giants. Will they ever make it back to their kingdom below in one piece?


A piece of fruit with a scarred past and a mysterious bionic enhancement.  Stay tuned!


Timothy hates his food service job and decides after work to attend a bar downtown to blow off some stress. What he didn’t expect  was this bar to be a secret entrance into the netherworld of lost spirits…..